Archetypes In The Lion King

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GOOD ASS INTRO The Lion King is a cinematic masterpiece detailing the adventures of a lion named Simba. As he grows up, his father is killed by his uncle, another lion named Scar. Scar convinces Simba that everything is his fault and he needs to run away to the desert (Scar believes Simba will die out there). As Scar is ruining the Pridelands, Simba is realizes he needs to go back and save his people. Simba then defeats Scar, and takes back the Pridelands. The Lion King is a perfect picture of the Hero’s Journey, and directly correlates to the Odyessy.

THEMATIC SIGNIFICANCE In the Lion King they show us two examples of a family. Mufasa’s family is one of compassionate acts, happiness, and love; the second, Scar, is one of selfish ambitions
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Simba is a mix of a few different types. At the start of the film he is the Orphan/ Regular person. He runs away because he wants to connect with others, and belong again. As the movie progresses, Simba becomes a Sage, wanting to find the truth of what happened to his father, and wants to understand. When Nala comes, she opens his eyes and makes him into the hero, where he proves his worth by defeating Scar, and fixes what went wrong. Nala is the lover. She remains loyal to Simba, and goes to find him so he could overtake his evil uncle. Scar is the rebel. He seeks revenge, killing Mufasa and takes over his brothers land. Rafiki is the magician. He understands the universe, and gives aid to Simba whenever he is at his lowest. Timon and Pumba are the innocent. All they want is paradise and to be happy. They are also the explorer. They want their life to be good, and experience freedom through exploration. The role of the caregiver is Zazu. He is like a nanny to Nala and Simba throughout the movie. Mufasa is a couple different arechetypes. He is the ruler of the Pridelands, he wants control and to create a good community, he is the creator, and a symbol of

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