Archetypes In The Miracle Worker

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The Miracle Worker: the struggles: from hardships to friendships
The storyteller uses the character archetype, a mentor, to reveal how she taught a little girl to communicate with her family because we as humans help people who need it and will do anything to help them because we want the parents to know what she wants without guessing.

First of all , How Annie is a mentor because she taught Helen how to spell words out with her fingers. Helen can’t talk, so they don’t understand what she is trying to say (acts out, violent) Annie helped Helen to spell by using her fingers/palm as a language. This ties back to the theme because that is the only way she could learn. When Annie Sullivan came to the house she didn’t know what to expect. Annie is a mentor
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Helen didn't respect Annie, she would throw spoons, eat off other’s plates, and try escaping, hiding, biting,stabbing her with a sewing needle. Annie had to try and not hit her back even though she did horrible things to her. Helen when her mom brought a new baby home she didn’t realize that the baby crate was there where it was sound asleep, and she knocked it over and it knocked the baby out of it and the crate landed on top of the baby. Her dad yelled at her and the other nanny grab helen and gave her a doll. Helen starts crying because her nanny throws her to show her what it feels like and picks her back up to comfort her. Annie was told the story and she said “ Why would anyone do that to a poor little girl?”
“ Well she knocked over my newborn baby and pushed the crate on top of her so, her dad got mad at her so the nanny stepped in.”said Helen’s mom. Annie then went to the house to meet Helen, that is when the trouble started with her being disrespectful at points. They learned the word doll and spoon on the first day of Annie being
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