Archetypes In The Odyssey Analysis

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The Odyssey is a good example of how epic poetry is defined by archetypes. It was written by Homer and is about the journey that a man named Odysseus takes to find his way home after the Trojan War. The Odyssey and its characters are highly impacted by archetypes, or character traits that are created and recreated throughout literature, such as the companions, the evil figure with the ultimately good heart, and the loyal sidekick.
Odysseus’ men were the Achaeans that fought with him in the Trojan War. These men fit the loyal companions archetype throughout The Odyssey. Odysseus and twelve of his men get trapped inside of a cyclops’s cave. Even though some men are eaten while in the cave, the remaining men stay loyal to Odysseus and help everyone
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At first Telemachus does not believe that Odysseus has returned, but after Odysseus proves it to him he agrees to help his father reclaim the throne. This proves that Telemachus fits the loyal sidekick archetype. Telemachus tells Odysseus about what has happened since he has been gone and agrees to help him carry out his plan of reclaiming the throne. Telemachus says, “If we go in against all these, I fear we pay in salt blood for your vengeance” (998). Telemachus agreeing to help Odysseus even though he is doubtful shows that he is loyal and that he will do what it takes to get Odysseus his throne back. Telemachus also helped Odysseus win the fight against the suitors by killing Amphinomus and by bringing weapons for their friends to use during the fight. Telemachus, “ran to the room where spears and armor lay. He caught up four light shields, four pairs of spears, four helms of war high-plumed with flowing manes, and ran back, loaded down, to his father’s side” (1013). Telemachus proves that he is loyal to his father by helping him kill the people who tried to steal his land. Telemachus fits the loyal sidekick archetype because he was willing to fight and die for his father and he saved his father from Amphinomus.
The Odyssey is made up of archetypes such as the companions, the loyal sidekick, and the evil figure with the ultimately good heart. These archetypes play a big role in the story and influence what happens to Odysseus as he is traveling home after fighting in the Trojan War. The Odyssey is an example of how archetypes and typical themes were created in epic poetry, and are still used in literature

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