Archetypes In The Stoner

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The last and third character will be Marty (The Fool). This character archetype can also be “The Stoner”. He falls on both archetypes. The movie recognized him as a fool or stupid, but he really is not. In the film, he is easily recognized as “The Fool” based on his messy, sloppy dirty look and some of the non-sense stuff he talks about. He may look like it in terms of his appearance and weirdness. But as you continue to watch the movie you can see how smart and agile he is. Some of the things he said made sense, it just not taken seriously because he is high. Like on the 8-minute, 4-second mark of the film when he is explaining something to Jules. He said, “Society is binding…… Chips in our kid’s heads so they won’t get lost. Society needs
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