Archetypes In Unwind Society

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Neal Shusterman published Unwind on the date of November 6, 2007. Unwind is a dystopian/science fiction novel based over a very controlling, gruesome society after a war - known as the Second Civil War or the Heartland War - somewhere in the near future. The society turned out this way because there was to be no more abortions or giving up children. Now that there is no more of this, people found ways around the rules, such as “storking” (leaving baby on someone’s doorstep). If caught “storking” a baby, the parent must keep the baby. Shusterman shows the theme of Government Control through the Unwind society and Connor Lassiter’s trial of escape and fight towards the society. Connor Lassiter has very many different archetypes throughout the story. He is a hero because he saves Lev form being unwound, although that’s not how Lev views the situation. Lev views it as he is being kidnapped by a crazy lunatic, “... Connor looks into the eyes of this frightened kid,... he reaches through the window, pulls up the lock, and opens the door.” (Shusterman 19). As said earlier, Lev thinks he is being taken with force and being used for ransom when really Connor was just trying to help save him. Lev has gained the mindset to think that his unwinding was a good thing and he should be proud of it. “This is what I…show more content…
‘It’ll be cleaner, and there’ll be more stahls to hide in.’” (70) To cause a scene they clap their hands to represent clappers. (Clappers are people who blow things up by just clapping their hands.) In summation, this society was made for a good reason but wasn’t understood that way by everyone. Connor was never meaning to cause so much destruction. He was trying to avoid this society because it’s not what he wanted. His goal was to just get away from where he was and start over fresh but in secret, just until he turned 18. However, this situation could have been handled in a better way, but not everyone has the same mindset and all think
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