Archetypes: The Role Of Villains In Horror Movies

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Can there be any good if there is no evil? No. Similarly enough, can there be a hero if there is no anti-hero? These anti-heroes, or villains, are one of the many examples used in almost any piece of fiction. These examples are also known as archetypes. Archetypes are a group of categories that are used to show a typical kind of character in a story. Each archetype has certain qualities a character must have in order to embody the archetype. The shadow, for instance, is the archetype of the typical villain. The shadow is a critical archetype for any story, especially in the myth of Demeter and Persephone, the story of Oiwa, as well as the movie Scream 4.
The shadow is the root to all evil within a fictional writing. They are the negative force
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Once there, she is confronted by the same mask that’s haunted her life over the years. Later, it is revealed that her teenage cousin, assisted by a friend, is the one responsible for the killings. In movies, there is almost always going to be a character to fill the shadow archetypes, especially in the horror genre. In horror movies, it’s usually not hard to point out which character or characters fit the part. In this film, it was a teenage girl and her friend causing havoc on their hometown. Jill, though the main antagonist, does not show any evil qualities until she is revealed to be involved with the murders. She actually portrays herself as innocent throughout the movie. Sidney even claims to see some of herself in Jill in one instance, telling her “you remind me of… me.” (Scream 4). However, once this is revealed, all of these similar ‘heroic’ qualities turned dark. In a monologue before attempting to kill Sidney, Jill reveals that her plan all along wasn’t to just kill her, it was to “become” her. (Scream 4). She felt neglected all of her life because of her relation to Sidney, and believes the only way to get the attention she’s been deprived of is to kill Sidney and take on the fame she’s gained over the years as a survivor of the previous murders, ultimately replacing her. She confirms this when she says “do you know what it was like growing up in this family? Related to you? I mean, all I ever heard was Sidney this and Sidney that and Sidney, Sidney, Sidney. You were always so special! Well, now I'm the special one … You had your fifteen minutes now I want mine” (Scream 4). Jill’s pent up resentment, as well as her actions towards the end of the film both point her out to be the main shadow of the film. Without her character, none of the events leading up to the murders, as well as the murders, would have never actually happened. She is needed in order for
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