Archie Jones: A Narrative Fiction

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Archie Andrews sat on the wet, dirty grass, staring. Staring at the stairs, the steep, concrete stairs the led to the huge doors, that were the gateway to Riverdale high. The first day of his senior year in high school felt more like a horrible nightmare than reality at the moment. Although he could see the waves of other students filing into the school, which obviously meant the day was going to start soon, Archie didn 't budge. His mind was somewhere else. Today was not only his first day of his senior year but also the first day at school without his best friend. The day he got the call, the horrible call that informed him of the death of Jughead Jones, was the worst day of Archie 's life. He was in his room, playing his guitar. he had heard the ringing of the phone but had decided to ignore it, knowing his dad would pick it up. A few minutes later, Fred knocked quietly on the door and came in, a grave look on his face. Archie has put down his guitar immediately, sensing something was wrong.…show more content…
"I could dance around the point, but I won 't. I 'm so, so sorry. Jughead- well-he 's-gone. Dead. They don 't know how yet-they just found his body on the side of the road. They 're calling everybody that was close to him before anything else." Archie smiled and laughed. "Ha ha, very funny dad. Tell jughead nice try." He had actually thought it was some kind of joke, just his friend playing a simple prank

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