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When you hear the name Manning most people think football. That would be because the Manning family is the most popular family in NFL. If you live in America there is a great chance you have hear the name Archie Manning. To the younger generation like mine he is known as the father of Peyton and Eli. However to those that watched football in the late 1970s and 1980s he is own as one of the greatest quarterbacks not to win the Super Bowl.
Archie was born in Mississippi he was strongly involved in sports especially football. He went to the University of Mississippi, while there he was named All-American Quarterback and his number is retired. In 1971 he was drafted into the New Orleans Saints, he spent his entire football career playing for that team. Now while Archie was at the top of his game he did have some struggles he was dealing with.
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He was a starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. “I was just pleased and hope he continues to be successful. But somewhere along the line, you 've got to achieve a little bit of success to keep it going.” That was a quote from Archie showing that now matter what you always have to try your best in everything you do even if you are successful.
Besides his NFL career he was also known to many as a great father him and his wife Olivia had three boys.Two of them are professional football players Eli and Peyton manning. “I know my daddy loved me, but in his generation they didn 't hug their kids and tell them that. I have done that, but Tony just reinforced that idea. When I saw Eli on Sunday (before the Giants ' playoff game), I hugged him. Then I hugged him the next day. And then, when I took him to the hunting club (this week), I hugged him.” He put his role as a father first then football and always had time for his children no matter

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