Archimedes Accomplishments

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Archimedes is known for his prestigious works in geometry and science, as well as for his many inventions and innovations in his time. Historians project his birth date to be around 287 BC, and the whereabouts of his birth to be in Syracuse, Sicily (Rorres 15). Syracuse, at the time, being an independent Greek city-state. Growing up, Archimedes was very bright and somewhat gifted with an intellect from before his time. His father Pheidias, a greek astronomer, is also known for is intellect and thought to have been the one to get Archimedes started with his search for knowledge. Both blessed and cursed with his undying curiosity, he craved knowledge. Unlike others in his time period, who were fond of the politics of the time and diplomacy,…show more content…
Another well known alias for Archimedes is the “Father of mathmatical physics”.
Aside from his mathmatical prowess and prestiguos inventions, many people are unaware that Archimedes was also a writer. Though the writing are about his mathmatical accomplishments, he is still a writer nonetheless.
Arabic mathmaticians of the eighth and ninth centuries found his works, and were the ones to innovate his ideas to a more modern standard. Some of his most famous works are On the sphere and cylinder, On floating bodies, and The Sandreckoner. General Marcellus’s idea for Archimedes gravestone orgininated from Archimedes studies and love for spheres and cyliders, as shown in On a Sphere and Cylinder.
His other works consist of On Plane Equilibriums, Quadrature of the Parabola, On Spirals, On Conoids and Spheroids, Measurement of a Circle, and On the Method of Mechanical Problems. Though these are not his most famous works, they are still innovative writings that have shaped the mathmatical works we have today. These works tell stories of Archimedes findings and how he found them, as well as colorful stories and explanations to his
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