Archimedes: The Second Punic War

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Archimedes was born in 287 BC in Syracuse, Sicily and died in 212 BC in Syracuse, Sicily. From my research it seemed like he didn’t have any history of having children.His education could of been in Alexandria, Egypt and he also had a great interest in mathematics. I am not so sure about his teachers but i do know his inventions and theories have inspired many people. It said that he found his own ways of problem solving. His father was an astronomer named Phideas, they say he was related to the king of syracuse, named Hieron II.
Around the time of archimedes’ death, the Second Punic war was occurring. This happened when Syracuse was captured by the Roman forces after a two year siege. The Second Punic War was fought between the city of Carthage and the city of Rome. It was started by a fight or
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One of his inventions was called the Death Ray, which is a creation of putting together over hundreds of mirrors and pointing them to enemy ships such as Rome’s to ignite them. Another famous invention was the Archimedes claw, which works similar to crane and was used to carry up enemy ships and dropping them causing them to sink. A third invention is the principle of levers. He didn’t exactly build or invent the lever but he used a system to move water from a large mass of water to another small thing like canards. Many of these contributions could of helped in fighting the Second punic war.
Archimedes contributions is important in present time because we can use his ideas for almost anything. One of the most important reasons is that present day Precalculus and Calculus was because of him. We can use his “integral calculus” to measure the sections of areas surrounded by geometric figures. We could also use his “differential calculus” to find slopes of the tangent lines in his figures. In my opinion I think we do many things different by the way we find measurements of figures, one example could be a

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