Personal Narrative: My Journey To My Future

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Traveling from city to city after every two years since childhood made me realize how much there is to learn and explore. This nomadic lifestyle of mine gave me a thirst to travel and learn about new places, diverse people, and their surroundings. Traveling became a part of life because I am the daughter of an armed officer, but the extensive change in locations made me hungry for more experience. It captivated me to my deepest core. Little did I know that this carving for new adventures would remain with me. Just the thought of how much there that I have yet to absorb and understand leaves me breathless. After graduating, I felt like there is a huge world beyond me that I haven’t explored yet and a vast sea of knowledge that I still need to learn in order to make myself into a better architect and as well as an individual. As Delft is the home for the world’s diverse group of professional architects, historians, and professionals, it would serve as the global village in its own way. Summing up multiple experiences in one place. Architecture was not just about the studies. It played a vital part in my growth as a person as well. It was a perfect blend of an academic and social environment. It opened multiple new possibilities for me to venture in which I would not have known otherwise. Throughout the course, my studies…show more content…
Traveling around the country, the issue that I observed to be common despite the changes in the geographical train was about the quality of housing and their households. The country’s development system has proven to be insufficient in providing the adequate residencies for everyone with proper conditions. So my specialization would also be focusing on this aspect. Moreover, the monetary issue becomes more prominent in underdeveloped areas. By gaining this knowledge I would try to introduce new ways in which we can accumulate the residential needs of an ever growing
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