Architecture Design: The Lady Gaga Of Architecture

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FALL 2014/2015 The Lady Gaga of architecture EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE ARCHITECTURAL THEORY AND CRITISM /MARCH 561 PRESENTED TO: ASSOC. PROF. DR. TURKAN ULUSU URAZ AND ASSOC. PROF. DR. HIFSIYE PULHAN SUBMITED BY: MALAK BATRAN 145505 Abstract This paper describes the role of architecture in various urban settings through the scope of architectural design and discusses functionality from a different point of views. Since the modernist movement in architecture early 1900s and the building design has been focusing on expressing itself as a unique entity as an architecture piece more than an art. Buildings are now more expressive than any era of the history of architecture. They have also reduced functionality in order to fulfill their desires of making the form, and reducing it to very well-known anthropometric numerical things; they over simplify it most of the time. But the functionality has a very wide meaning, to be functional regarding space formation, context, organization, formal appearance, and taking environmental condition into account, are all functionality. It should have qualities not only quantity, But this does not always happen. The architect sometimes tempts to create sassy designs, which might be prohibitively expensive or unusable. Also the exploration of emotional experience does not itself have to become a histrionic scene, but it can be in fact a rational one. The same thing happened with music, nowadays

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