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Architecture carries a strong representation of our culture and tradition. It helps us to initiate a conversation with our past and let us dive inside our introspective. An experience and observation of the past that helps us to define Architecture in a very limpid way. My periodic tour during my academic life at many historic buildings and sites around our country predominantly helped me to acquire more insights about architecture and sustainability. An interest towards historic buildings indulged me to visit Japan several times where I came to see the recurrent confrontations encountered by the preservationists for rigorous restorations & revitalizations of the Buddhist temples. Due to the certain expedition, I discovered my ultimate interest to pursue my further study in this field…show more content…
Dhaka is a 400-year-old capital city. We have many historic buildings which were the legacy left from the Mughal and colonial period in Bangladesh. Only in Dhaka city, there are 93 heritage buildings very recently identified by the authority but there are yet to identify many historic buildings which are now being used as a storehouse. I have been living my whole life in this city. For me, Heritage buildings give an identity to a city. Besides, they are the main carrier of the memory from the past to the present. Nowadays, we have many world-renowned architects but very few are concerned about historic preservation or restoration. Although, the star architects recently came forward to protest against the decision made by the government while demolishing one of our historic buildings. Here, Architects could play a key role here. They could give proposals to the government how a heritage

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