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Architecture is used not only for the aesthetic and the priorities of the architect but also depicts and displays the aspirations, power and culture of the society. The structure becomes its own words and picture revealing the nation’s transformation from the very beginning and declaring its own form. Through architecture we perceive the culture and society of the particular era. Goethe indicated architecture as “a silent music” , which unfolds the mysteries itself. Architecture has its own language and translation which invokes the historical quotations and ideological significance. If we go around all over the different parts of the world we will encounter regions different to each other in all aspects, which would ultimately trace down to…show more content…
These structures can either hide or express the power as a whole. These monuments although embody the land the materials but these also leaves the imprints on the people and the experiences involved in the construction. Monumental architecture is both public and political. Leaders start building the monuments based on some great dream. Leaders are the builders of monuments because they are in charge of the building process; they initiate and oversee it. Monuments are also typically much more imposing and vibrant than other building types. They always stand out from ordinary buildings, since they are built with the specific intent of making an impression on the public. A monument may be a huge pyramid or a small, richly decorated chapel. Monumental architecture is, specifically, architecture built by those with power, not just everyday citizens.
Going through the architectural history we clearly see the tie and bond between political power and architecture. Anthropologist Peter Wilson states that architecture always relates and links to the way we understand and see the world, giving us the space and liberty to conceptualize reality and explain the cultural and social practices. Leaders have always taken advantage of this particular framework to demonstrate their power over the populace, they express how they wish to be seen and force their particular view of that power on the populace through

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