Archival Education

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Archival education has progressed greatly in the past 30 years. The numbers of archival programs, full-time contract track faculty and courses offered have all increased exponentially. Archival science has no longer seen as a sub-specialization of library science or history and the effort to legitimize archives as a separate field worthy of detailed inquiry at both Master’s and doctoral level have succeeded. However, the convergence of the information discipline has called the distinction between related disciplines into question. This poses contain both challenges and opportunities for archival education. According to Yakel (2004), the article places archival education in
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Archivist should know the law belong to copyright and ensure that researchers are aware with it. They are also responsible to always be available for the researchers and provide guidance for them in order to help them in accessing the archives. According to Krause (2010), archives professionals work closely with the collections in their repositories. They may access incoming materials and manage the process of the collections. They also may be involved in creating finding aids and other descriptive aids for collections. They help researcher identify appropriate materials and frequently provide one-on-one instruction during reference…show more content…
Archivist should at least have knowledge about the primary sources in archive. According to Krause (2010), although primary sources are integral to teaching history, the role of archivist in facilitating the discovery and use of these sources is entirely missing in the literature on historical inquiry and history education.
Archivist should always care about the primary sources that available in the archive so that the records or data of the information can be secured properly and can be kept according to their period of time. The types of primary sources which is raw data means, the information is original and in a full format. The information also must be kept with the truly facts and did not based on one person only. For example, the police report data in the police station must be consists from both side, whether it is the victim or the criminal. By doing this, when the family need their data, archivists can give them without any
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