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After learning that an archival center, in my parents’ home country of, Guyana, has been kept disheveled and that many of the documents pertaining to immigration from the late 19th to early 20th century have been ruined, due to carelessness, I immediately obtained the urge to want to conserve history. I feel like it is my given duty to help and conserve historical material, because people are constantly curious to finding out their familial roots.
My main career goal is to become an Archivist. I am fond of the idea of working behind the scenes, in which I can prepare and preserve the information/materials others will need to use for research or other personal reasons. I would love to study in a program that would excel my knowledge in preserving
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After changing my major a couple of times, I decided to make History my major, which was originally my minor. After that switch I began to thrive, academically and personally. Queens College is my choice for graduate school, because it has one of the most outstanding History and Library Science programs I know of. With my determination and passion for the field I have chosen, I am prepared to gain as much credentials at Queens College. I hope to work along with Queens College faculty such as, Dr. Joshua B. Freeman or Dr. Kara Schlichting, since they have both studied the history of New York City.
I currently work as a College Assistant, in the History and Philosophy department at York College; I am mostly associated with the Cultural Diversity program. I also currently Intern at Queens Museum as an Archives and Exhibit Intern, where I have learned how to handle and digitize archival material, work along with artists for their upcoming exhibits at the museum, and work in an offsite location, in the office of an artist named, Mierle Laderman Ukele. I kindly ask the board of admissions to consider my application given my aspirations to pursue a sound education in such a prestigious institution as yours, which would greatly help on my journey of becoming a successful Archivist so that I can give back to my community. My name is Madhdvie Bhagwandeen and I thank you for taking your time to read my

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