Arcite And Palamon Analysis

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Oaths that are made by Knights are taken quite seriously and Knight’s will often die trying to fulfill them. “He would take his vengeance on this tyrant king” (Pg. 29). Theseus vows that he would avenge the women he witnessed crying over their husbands post mortem treatment. True to his word he raises an army and burns Thebes to the ground. “We must endure it, that’s the long and short” (Pg. 32). When Arcite and Palamon are placed in jail they are obviously unhappy with their situation but they swore an oath and now they must honor it. “You’ll find me as a knight and on my oath, I shall bring arms… for us both.” (Pg. 46). Arcite pledges to bring arms for both of them so that a fair might may be had. Arcite even offers Palamon the first choice
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