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Greetings and salutations Arctic Gym Parents,
Let me start with an apology. Getting weekly information to you has been a challenge. I hope you have found your student’s transition to classes at Arctic Gym to be smooth. Our math tutor is working out wonderfully. Most students have made dramatic progress in their Plato courseware. Some students have finished their first prescriptions and have moved on to their second prescriptions.
We have created a Nile diorama in our desert study. Has your student showed you their grain crops? Yes, it’s challenging recreating the Nile in Alaska’s cool, dark temperatures; however your student’s diorama proves just how resourceful and successful they have been. Some students have added pyramids and other landmarks to their project.
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We milled barley and enjoyed barley cakes, a pancake like bread.
Our Language Arts focus has been learning about elements of literature in class through the ancient story of Joseph. We compared various versions of the story from the Torah, Bible, Koran and oral traditions as portrayed in King of Dreams by DreamWorks Animation. Students have been taking notes in class.
We have learned about plot, theme, style and character. As we studied the plot of Joseph’s story we discovered that the plot line has 5 parts: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. Of course, all stories must have a conflict. We studied Man v Man, Man v Society, Man v Himself, Man v Nature and Man v Fate. This literature study calumniates in the rewriting of the Joseph story.
Students have been working on this project all month. The story should not be a list of facts gleaned from their notes. Instead they should have a polished story.
Is your student struggling to rewrite their story? Here is a checklist for your

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