Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Essay

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Former United States President Jimmy Carter takes a compelling stance against the destruction of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for purpose of economic gain. By including personal experience in the passage, he explains the everlasting effects placed upon his mind at the sight of the beautiful glimpse of nature. Carter also connects his reader with the magnificence of the refuge, leading the reader to believe that such beauty cannot be replaced by anything else. Through Carter’s vivid description of his personal experiences with the refuge and his apparent use of imagery to evoke an emotional reaction from his reader, Carter convinces him or her that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should not be manipulated and destroyed for industrial…show more content…
Carter opens this element when he describes, “This magnificent area is a vast as it is wild, from the windswept coastal plain where polar bears and caribou give birth, to the towering Brooks Range where Dall sheep cling to cliffs and wolves howl in the midnight sun”. The imagery describing the lives of different animals of the area presents the refuge as a symbol of life. Those who care for the beauty of nature and purity of life would be compelled to speak out against the destruction of the refuge for industrial use. Carter also states near the end of the passage that the refuge “is a symbol of our national heritage”. This line would evoke feelings of patriotism from Americans, specifically appealing to those with strong emotions regarding the well-being and appearance of the nation. Carter uses the powerful effects of nationalism within his American audience to persuade them to better their country and prevent the destruction of its wonders. He connects with the strong emotions of Americans to protect the beauty of nature and of their country in order to convince them to oppose this new
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