Arctic Tundra Biome

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The arctic tundra biome is a biome located in the arctic circle, in such places as north Canada, Russia, Alaska, Iceland, Finland, and most of Greenland. Covering approximately 20% of the Earth 's land surface, the arctic tundra biome is the coldest biome on Earth, with winter temperatures averaging at -34°C (-30°F), and summer temperatures of around 3-12°C (37-54°F). The moderate summer temperature allows this icy biome to sustain life. Yearly precipitation is a low 15-25 centimetres (6-10 inches). The ground in a tundra biome has very low nutrients,which accounts for the low amount of plant life. Under the thin layer of soil, there is a thick layer of permafrost, or frozen ground, allowing little room for deep rooting plants and trees.This…show more content…
Only about 1700 species of plants live in the tundra, and only 48 species of animals. Many animals in tundra hibernate in the winter, and many more animals migrate to a warmer climate for a certain amount of time. The types of animals in tundra vary from polar bears, to snowy owls, to arctic foxes. These animals have special adaptations such as dense fur to stay warm in winter, and reduce heat loss. Other animals dig holes that they use for warmth, protection and shelter. The snowy owl even grows an extra layer of feathers over its normal one to ensure it stays warm during winter. These techniques that animals use allow some species to survive in the tundra year…show more content…
Also known as the polar rabbit, the arctic hare is a species of hare which has adapted to survive in polar and mountainous habitats. These hares have thick fur and usually burrow into the ground or under snow to keep warm and sleep. Arctic hares have shorter ears than rabbits, and they thrive in extreme cold. Arctic hares can run up to 60 kilometres per hour. This species of hare is prey to many predators, including ermine, hawks, wolves, falcons, humans, and mostly, the Arctic fox. Arctic hares are about 43-70 centimetres long, not including tail length. They typically have a body mass of about 6-12 pounds, though some large hares can weigh up to 15 pounds. Arctic hares eat woody plants, lichens, mosses, berries, leaves, and various other

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