Arctic Tundra Research Paper

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The Arctic Tundra is located in only four places in the world, Canada, Alaska, Russia, and Greenland. The Arctic Tundra is known for its desert like conditions with much snow and cold weather. The word tundra comes from the from the Finnish word “Tunturia”, which means “treeless land.” This fits, as tundra’s usually have little to no trees/vegetation.The Arctic Tundra is generally a combination between a plant environment and a ice environment. However, whatever life lives in the Arctic Tundra, it is adapted to the climates and harsh conditions of the Arctic Tundra.

Longitude - The longitude of the Arctic Tundra in Russia is 70° to 180° East Longitude.

Latitude - The latitude of the Arctic Tundra in Russia is 60° to 80° North Latitude.

In the winters of
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The Arctic Moss grows in harsh conditions. The average winters are -25 celsius and in summers, it is about 10 celsius. The Arctic Moss is nearly 70% covered in permafrost. The frozen soil prevents water from sinking into the ground. This causes the ground to form small pools of water during the summer. In the winter, the water is absorbed and then frozen, which forms cracks in the ground (shown in the picture). Arctic Moss slowly grows and overlaps with the older moss as time goes on. This causes the moss to be lacking many nutrients.

Labrador Tea:

The Labrador Tea plant can be found in North America and in Greenland. The plant grows up to 4 to 5 feet. The leaves of the Labrador Tea are 1 to 2 inches with a smooth upside and fur in the bottom side of the leaf. At the tips of the branches are small, white flowers with stamen in the middle of the flower. The leaves of the Labrador is used for tea, hence the name Labrador Tea. The tea was created by the Native Americans. The tea contains a rich amount of vitamin C. The Labrador Tea is also used for medical reasons. The tea works well for the skin and any issues that are bothering the
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