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In an era, when Bollywood movies were dominated by brain-numbing, logic defying, mawkish travesties, Ardh satya, released in 1984, was a welcome change in the world of Indian cinema. The movie is a grim portrayal of social reality in India, and is a very intense experience. Although, the bigger theme of the movie is the endemic problem of corruption in India, the film uses a personal characterization to depict the emotional nuances of a man fighting both the system and his own demons. It is a movie that unfolds at a quiet, unhurried pace despite the urgency of the themes it addresses. Here is the protagonist of the movie, Anant Velankar, who wants to do an MA in literature, but his father wants him to join the police service, as he himself…show more content…
Frustrated, Anant drinks alcohol heavily, and the same night a juvenile delinquent is brought into his custody for a minor crime. Anant, in an inebriated state, takes his frustration on him. As a result, he dies in Anant’s custody. The next day, Anant is suspended from his duty. His senior officer offers him an advice, and asks him to contact Rama Shetty, his nemesis, as he’s the only one who could help him now owing to his political contacts. So, Anant unwillingly goes to Rama Shetty. There Shetty agrees to help him but on a condition. He wants Anant to work with police but as his man. In Anant’s mind, this is tantamount to being a pet dog. Unable to take another dent in his self-pride, Anant loses his mind, and in full rage, he kills Shetty. Brilliantly acted and directed, Ardh Satya still stands the test of time. It depicts very subtly and poignantly the impacts of violence, corruption, injustice and callousness of the society on an honest and sincere man. Unfortunately, things haven’t changed much from 1984, and corruption still remains the bane of the Indian society. It’s a film that is hard to get out of your head days after you’ve watched it, and challenges the viewers to think and question the very fabric of the

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