Holocaust Conflict Robot Research Paper

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Holocaust Conflict Robot
S. Palaraman1, M. Vijay2, S. Yuva kumar3, Mrs. L. Sivagami4 (Asst. Prof.)
1,2,3,4 Department of E.C.E,
Sriram Engineering College,
Perumalpattu ¡V Tiruvallur.
Abstractƒ{ There are many possibilities in the occurrence of fire for an industry or any remote area. This fire can also cause billions of cost in damage and thousands of death over each year. Recently Multi Sensor Detection System (MSDS) is one of the important research issues among worldwide [1]. However, the fire cannot be controlled by Human beings in well effective manner at all the time. Considering the effective control of fire, the Holocaust Conflict Robots are deployed around the world.
This paper proposes Ardino based algorithm for fire detection and distance measurement from fire source, while the robot is on its way to extinguish fire, i.e., Rescuing the
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This signal is send to the entire ultrasonic and LM35 sensor which are located around 3 sides (Front, Right, and Left) of the robot. When LM35 is detected, the ultrasonic sensor starts to sense the living things. When the ultrasonic sensor is detected, based upon the priority shortest distance to the robot is measured. Then the robot will rotated towards the nearest ultrasonic detection and move forward to the fire slowly. For this slow approach of the robot towards fire algorithms are made. Since the temperature get raised up when the robot moves towards fire, so the robot needs to maintain a certain distance from fire i.e., the robot needs to stop at a certain limit. The LM35 Sensor senses the heat. If the robot finds a sudden increase in the temperature, it stops and moves back to certain limit to accommodate extinguishing. Then the solenoid valve pump throws water at fire for extinguishing purpose. To enabling the spreading process of water a unique mechanism is made. For the effective extinguishing the water spreader is used

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