Are Americans Too Reliant On Technology Essay

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Media & the New Millennium: Are Americans too reliant on technology?

"Americans reliant too much on technology for many different reasons but it does have

positively affects on why Americans reliant too much on technology." By using too much

technology doesn’t always necessary bad but to have good reasons to use technology. United

States of America is the one of examples about people reliant too much on technology because

it have a big positive picture for which is effects Americans by using it for their purposes only.

Even new technology have draw people into technology very hard for which is popular . On the

bright side, it will help world better for which is good benefits for them to use technology

throughout their lifetime.

In the
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Additionally, technology also has become a good way to improve communication and

cumpution for which is to STAY CONNECT with them and more quicker than in the past as write

letters and send it through mails. On the bright side, sometime technology can save your

energy for which means routine tasks, administrative functions, and tedious oversight

responsibilities can be controlled through programmed computer systems. Another instance,

some of them may use technology for education to teach students how to use tools for build up

their skills needs for their reference and help them to become successful in the future. Another

instance, some of them use technology as PayPal for their business only for which means PayPal

allows you to do business for under a company and will increase profits for your business plus

keep their running well. PayPal is easy to access, portable, accept all payments and less fee for

which is stressfree for owners and customers. Another instance, some sciencist have been using

a lifesaver technology for using a equipments and give it expeirement to see if it works or not

before they report to the government and hospitals. My idea about this examples are facts

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