Are Babies Born Without Kneecaps Essay

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Are Babies Born Without Kneecaps?

No matter how many times toddlers fall when they try to run around the room, they don’t seem to break a bone or hurt themselves badly. They climb, jump and run for hours and occasionally fall on their knees, but after a short bout of crying, they simply go back to their activities. Do babies have soft bones? Are babies born without kneecaps? These are some questions parents often wonder about.

Part 1: Are Babies Born Without Kneecaps?
Of course, babies are born with kneecaps. However, they are much softer than the adult kneecap. Babies and young children have all the bones an adult has, but although they are softer, these bones are strong enough to support their bodies. Their skeletons are actually made of immature bone and cartilages which continue to
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That’s why your toddlers don’t seem to break their knees even when they fall all the time – their knees are like sponges which absorb the compression and pressure whenever they fall. By the time they reach the age of 3 or 5 years, these cartilages start ossifying into bony kneecaps. Several more years after that, they bones lose their bounce, and their spills become more painful, until their skeletons begin creaking, just like the rest of the adults.
Part 3: More Amazing Facts about Babies
1. Babies know math. Do you know that babies may have a basic knowledge of math and physics? Psychologists observed that a baby can tell the difference if two or three objects are shown to them and one is taken away.
2. Babies always listen. From the moment they 're born, a young baby can recognize their mother 's voice.
3. Newborn babies cry without tears. They can cry all night and day, but you won 't see tears until after a few weeks or even months. It is believed that stress hormones, which are found in human tears, help calm them down. This is a unique quality of human and no animal can produce
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