Are Black Americans Worth The Struggle For?

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All our lives we are busy to gain things, whether it’s money, fame, or love. We don’t look at things we already have, and we are always lustful of things we don’t have. In my opinion we don’t value things we easily achieve and we show more concern towards the things which are hard to get and that is not the right way to precieve things. As the assignment asks, do we value what we struggle for? In my opinion, we do. There are things in the world we cannot achieve that easily, but when we do it is a big deal for us and we give it more value than other things we already have. For instance, in past we saw how Black Americans struggled to get the right to vote. And in 2012 elections we saw how Black Americans voter turnout surpassed White Americans. This clearly shows the true meaning of the prompt, as White Americans didn’t struggle to have the right to vote, they don’t value it as much as Black Americans.…show more content…
We all have seen and been through experiences where we realize the importance of a thing when its gone. Whether it is leaving your school or the death of your parent. We don’t value these things when we have them. Our school days are something we miss from time to time, and will going to school we didn’t realize its actual importance in our lives. In the Oscar Award Ceremony this year, J.K. Simmons after winning an award, emotionally mentioned in his speech how we should talk to our parents more often, as it clearly showed he missed his parents. These situations clearly tell us about how we dont value things when we have
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