Are Body Cameras Affect Police Brutality?

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These body cameras protect the truth with all officers. As the victims step on the court what many don’t know is the truth is carried by officers at all times. These will be supporting any court trail’s if other people have videos it does not have a chance to beat the body cameras. The point of these cameras is so that nothing really bad goes wrong and so officers won’t be accused of police brutality. All this is positive for any law enforcement, nobody will be lying about anything. No assuming witnesses will be made towards many officers. As citizens, many are scared of officers just because knowing what they are capable of doing, and also seeing so many viral videos on the internet. All police do not enjoy being criticized by others knowing…show more content…
People should not believe everything online when only officers are doing their job. None of them like to be judged on how they are doing their work, officers are doing their job how they are shown. Most officers cannot show any kind of weakness, if they do many will take advantage of them and it will not be right for people to be getting away with many things. The body cameras, officers have will always speak the truth and show no police brutality is given towards others. Officers do not have them on at all times, which is a little of a crutch that people can get out of. The reason why officers do not have them on at all times is because they don’t want to be recording very pointless stuff when it’s gonna be wasting the memory of the camera body. Officers turn it on when they are getting off the car or anytime they feel something suspicious is happening. This society is not one that feels protected, but knows when an officer know from right and wrong, many will fight back to have that freedom of speech but it is never really heard from anyone. Officers also know the fact that they are being watched so they can be more careful on how they arrest/ take down a person. This gives a positive point of view to both citizens and police officers. To the citizens that do not enjoy all this police brutality will get more of an advantage because with all these body cameras on officers not all will be harsh on purpose. Many of the officers do say it is true that many do take advantage of victims because they know they have the power to do what they want. In this article Swinny the author is not one to judge through anything but does also believe this will benefit many officers. The reason Smiddy believes that is because not all officers will be getting judged and knowing not all officers are the same and are very equal with one another.
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