Are Books Better Than Books

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A Comparison of Adaptations from Books to Movies We love watching movies especially when we’re together with our friends and family. A movie is interesting when it’s an adaptation of our favorite books, and it’s more entertaining when it has a famous actor or actress as one of the main characters or the leading lady. And because of that, people would prefer to watch a movie than to read a book. Although movie adaptations are entertaining and fun to watch, books are more immediate, more convenient and more detailed. There are plenty of reasons why the book is better than the movie adaptation. One of these is books are more immediate, because it is consistent and it is easy to understand. Books are consistent, because authors and writers alike…show more content…
According to an online debate titled, “Are Movies Better than Books?”, one of these disadvantages of books that are stated is, it is not environmentally friendly. Because it uses papers and papers comes from trees. Once the manuscript is approved by the publisher, it is then printed to create numerous copies for the public to read. But with the generation of technologies, books can be electronic also known as E-books. It can be saved on laptops or in our phones. Another disadvantage is, not applicable to all. But as it is said in the previous disadvantage of books, there is an application to help them out, for example an audio book, where the app reads the story for them. And we can always research deep words for its meaning in the dictionary or the internet, but there are some people who are too lazy to do that and would prefer the words to be simple. But that does not give justice as to why books were created; because the deeper the words that are used, the more the brain is challenged to learn a whole new vocabulary. And according to Lana Winter-Hebert in her article titled “10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day”, reading a book is beneficial to the health as it lowers the progress of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, since it makes the brain active and engaged; improving the memory, strengthening analytical and thinking skills, improves focus and concentration and it reduces stress. Another disadvantage of books is, it makes people anti-social. When reading a book, the reader ignores the people around him/her because they are too focused on the book in their hands. This statement is a very poor excuse to make books less important, because there have organized book clubs where people discuss their own understanding of the story. And there are also a group of friends who discusses the same book. And there are people who have the same interest in books, but are too shy to
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