Compare And Contrast Essay On Why Foreign Cars Are Better Than American Cars

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Question: I want an argument essay about why foreign cars are better than American cars. In my paper i want be discussing the logistics and using personal statements as well as collected data to prove and back up the statements. In this paper, i won't only be discussing appearance of the cars but i want be discussing the anatomy of the car as well, thus supporting the paper argument. WHY ARE FOREIGN CARS BETTER THAN AMERICAN CARS Over the years this has been a topic for car lovers and enthusiasts taking it to different forums including garages, YouTube videos among others. It goes without saying that American cars really have several models that give the users a choice. But is this all? Experts will say no because there is more to a car than just its model and this gives the foreign cars (Japanese, Italian, German, etc.) an advantage over American cars. Among other things and experiences, I am going to explore what exactly is the reason why foreign cars beat our domestic cars. To start with, let’s explore how much…show more content…
This is economical and thus gives people yet another preference compared to American cars. American cars have tried to improve this in their recent cars but they lack the power their previous partners once had. Foreign cars have put in place a gas saving advancement which has seen them realize an improvement in MPG and still hold control in the engine. Foreign cars are better to handle than American cars. Taking care of still is by all accounts is an issue for a good number of American cars. The reason maybe putting an excess of force to the ground or have a cheap suspension framework, and it appears they can't exactly find the correct adjust for the two. This has come out as their biggest weakness in spite of their efforts to care of this

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