Are Celebrities Good Role Models

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Who wouldn 't want the life of a celebrity? The fame, the fortune, a big house, a nice car and all just for doing what you love. We have all idolized at least one celebrity in our lives, we want to walk like them, talk like them, act like them, basically we will only be happy if we are them. But are they good examples of what we should be and how we should act? Lindsay Lohan was the first person I thought of when I asked myself "Are Celebrities Good Role Models?" but not because she is a good role model, but for the exact opposite. She has been arrested countless times for drug use, and driving under the influence. She is quite rude and disrespectful, and has been accused of assault many times but never actually convicted for it. I think if children have watched her in 'The Parent Trap ' or any of the other movies/tv shows she has been in, it could make them think that these actions are okay and could affect the way they think about things in their older life. Making them think that they could go out to parties or be sitting in at home with friends and do class A drugs, like cocaine, ecstasy and heroine, without it having any major effects on their lives. While she has gotten away with probation and a slap on the wrist, the children, teenagers or even adults have much more serious consequences of long prison sentences or even death. Another example of a bad celebrity role model is Justin Bieber as, like Lindsay, he is disrespectful, rude and glorifies drug use. He hires

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