Are Child Soldiers Victims Or Perpetrators Essay

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Are child soldiers victims or perpetrators?
Everywhere around the world children are being locked up in jails, and detained to murders and crimes they were forced to enact. Child Soldiers are victims because they were not offered a choice, except life or death and children are easily tricked by commanders and other adults.

The first reason child soldiers are victims is because they are too young to understand. For example, children do things because they know the consequences but they don't fully understand. According to the essay “Child soldiers: victims or perpetrators” the author states “At a young age it is often easy to become intimidated and children often don’t think of the bigger picture, in other words the consequences of their actions.” This means that child soldiers do things and don't think
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Some people believe the kids are responsible for their actions, but now because they, are forced. According to the essay “ Child soldiers: victims or perpetrators” the author states” On one side of the argument, many believe that child soldiers are not morally responsible for the actions they perform.” This means the child soldiers don't have any fault. Also, child soldiers have no responsibility for what they do because they can't even fight back. People believe he just did that because the wanted to, but actually they were forced into it. According to the essay “Hope for Uganda's Child Soldiers?” the author says “Just 14 when he was abducted near his northern Ugandan house by the Lord's Resistance Army, he never said a word to anyone about escaping from the rebels' world-renowned campaign of terror, which included cutting off the lips, ears and noses of civilians as they fought the government.” This means the child did not join the army by choice; he was kidnapped. Plus, he was only 14. It was ominous because they made the kid cut of their lips, ears and

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