Are Criminals Affected By Nature Or Nurture?

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One of the most debated topics throughout the world is nature versus nurture. When psychologists debate this topic, they are studying what influences a person’s personal development. Some say that a person’s nature influences personal development while others say a person’s nurture influences personal development. A lot of people spend time contemplating which one actually does the influencing but what some do not realize is that, perhaps, both nature and nurture help shape a person’s personal development. One topic that comes up quite often is whether or not a person is born a criminal. Today, there are proven facts that people who have parents that are criminals have a high chance of becoming criminals themselves. Not only can people become criminals because of their family but they can also become criminals because of the environment that they surround themselves in. This is where nature versus nurture comes into play. A person’s nature is their genetic makeup, basically meaning that a person’s nature is the genes they get from their parents. Also, a person’s genotype, one’s genetic makeup based on the sequencing of the nucleotides we term, provides them with physical traits that set the stage for certain behaviors (56).…show more content…
It may be that the disorder was influenced by either nature or nurture, or both could influence it. The debate about whether a person is born a criminal could go in a lot of different directions. One could say that a person is a criminal because of their nature and what their parents passed down to them or another could say that only a person’s nurture influenced them to do things that made them a criminal. What most people say is that a person does things that make them a criminal because of both their nature and their nurture. They do things based off of what they got from their parents as well as what environmental factors influence

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