Are Dress Codes Limiting Student's Freedom Of Expression?

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Many people think that dress codes at school are limiting the children 's freedom of expression and others say that they are very necessary and constitutional. What are the benefits of school uniforms or preventing children from wearing what they want to wear on a daily basis. What evidence do the schools have in order to legally ban the students’ freedom of expression? School dress codes should not be enforced on the children in order to maintain an environment open to diversity. The responsibility remains with the school and the community as a whole to maintain an environment open to diversity and allow the students to confront ideas different from their own. There was a case in Minnesota once where a student wore a shirt that said ‘Straight Pride’, and he was told that he was not allowed to wear it and said that it offended some students. The student claimed that it was unconstitutional and the federal court agreed and said that the disputes were not directly related to the shirt. Students need diversity in their lives to prevent…show more content…
It is the school 's responsibility to maintain an environment open to diversity and enforcing dress codes does not help with that. If a school’s dress codes are making the students wear a uniform then that makes it harder on the parents because they have to make the expensive purchase of the uniforms. There are few benefits of school dress codes but they do not have the right to enforce what the students wear especially when they force them to buy expensive uniforms to wear in order to help the self esteem of the students. Therefore schools should be more lenient on the dress codes and let them wear what they want to an extent but some shirts can get a little out of hand with what they say on
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