Are Driverless Cars Good Or Bad

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The driverless cars are a good idea Have you ever had to live in a certain place for a job because you thought you wouldn’t make it to work/school on time? (Tribune News service) Driverless cars set people at ease.Driverless cars are an great technology advancement.The cost wavers from 20 to 100 thousand.It will be so much easier to get to places you have to worry about traffic or accidents because it will all be controlled by an is capable to sense all cars around it and navigating without human input. They can live where they want,without worrying about traffic or how long it will take them to go to work on time. Everything will be controlled by a computer so there will be no such thing as human error.Americans wouldn’t…show more content…
You won’t always have to say “dumb drivers” because there won’t be any. The idea of a driverless will evolve our technology as we know it. On the other hand car companies such as ford,toyota will go out of business. Putting lots of people all out of work.There is also the idea that do we have the right necessities or tools to completely make cars auto drivers.Or if the cars need any special fuel. Such as some cars need special fuel like using gas, or cow poop or even electricity.There is no guarantee that this product will be supported by other corporations. In conclusion Driverless cars could really help the community especially old people that can 't drive. On the other hand it does food businesses out of work like Lyft and Uber and taxes and other pick up services . It 'll help traffic go smoothly and the fast. People will be able to live anywhere they want to.So every time your child or someone you love gets into a car you won 't have to worry for their safety because they will be safe because all the cars are controlled by a
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