Are Gangs A Deviant Subculture

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(Gangs) A deviant subculture is defined as a subculture, which has values and norms that differ substantially from the majority of people in society. When a neighborhood or community favors illegal activities, a criminal subculture is likely to develop such as gangs. Walter Miller states that deviant subcultures don’t arise from the inability of a community to achieve success, but because of a lower-class subculture whose values and norms are different from the rest of society. Subcultures can be a good thing, because they can provide a sense of belonging, interaction with people who have similar interests, and gives members the freedom to express individuality. Subcultures, though, may also be a bad thing by putting people against each other,…show more content…
Gangs represent themselves by symbolizing different colored bandanas for each gang, wearing baggy clothes, and mainly jeans and t-shirts. Rap music is typically associated with gangs also. Lingo of gangs can be things such as heavy use of slang, derogatory terms which are usually used to describe other gangs, and secret codes. A secret code of the largest American gang, the Bloods, is “suwoop” which is supposed to imitate the sound of a police siren. Tattoos can represent a gang too, as many will get tattoos all over their bodies that symbolize which gang they are associated with. Lastly, attitudes play a big part in gang representation too. These attitudes are intimidation, violence, and putting up hand signs or…show more content…
He describes the adolescent years as a time when we are most immature during our thinking processes. Because of this, teenagers are more argumentative due to underdeveloped reasoning abilities. They believe they are invincible and take risks. (Psychosocial Development Theory) Erik Erikson’s theory of Psychosocial Development may also provide an interesting explanation for the prevalence of teenagers in gangs. He believes that a teen’s primary motivation for behavior is their social affiliation with others. During adolescent years, development of personality and behavior is at its most prominent. The ultimate goal of this theory is for teenagers to establish a personal

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