Are Hamlet's Actions Justified

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Are hamlet's actions justified or not justified that is the question? In this essay I'm going to explain if his actions are justified through different documents. My opinion is that his actions were justified and some examples why are because his uncle is the one who killed his father and his mother married his uncle not to long after. In document A the ghost of his father says "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder" what he means is he wants hamlet to revenge his soul (killing the uncle). Were starting this off with Gertrude. Gertrude is the queen, hamlet's mother, who married Claudius right after her other husband was murdered. Of course Hamlet got really mad. When Hamlet saw the ghost of his father in Document A( Remember me), The…show more content…
Ophelia is his girlfriend. There is one part where hamlet treats Ophelia badly. Hamlet grabs Ophelia and yells at her and he felt like Claudius and Polonius was watching him that is why he did it. In document C someone was hiding behind the curtain to see what hamlet says to his mother and hamlet thought it was Claudius (his uncle) so he stabs the person behind the curtain and it turned out to be Polonius (Ophelia's dad). When she found out she was going mad. In document D "Get thee to a Nunnery" Hamlet asks where her father is and she says he is at home but he is really behind the mirror to spy on them. In the second excerpt Ophelia sings about 2 of Hamlet's actions which is he killed Polonius and rejected her. Then she drowns herself. For this I believe the way he treated Ophelia is not justified because that was the girl he…show more content…
The ghost of Hamlet's father is the one who told Hamlet everything, that his uncle killed him and he wants hamlet to get revenge as it says in Document A. In document E Claudius prays and Hamlet says "now he is praying; And now I'll do it and so he goes to heaven" so there for he delays the killing like I said in the other paragraph. In the final scene of the play Hamlet does a fencing match with Laertes and he has a sword with poison on it. After the fencing match Hamlet quickly stabs Claudius and makes him drink the poison drink. Hamlet also got scratched by the sword and Laertes. Also Gertrude drinks the poison. So at the end everyone dies, however Hamlet's actions were still justified. In conclusion Hamlet's actions were justified because he killed his uncle Claudius, However all of the other information about Gertrude, Ophelia, and the delaying of the killing are not

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