Are Health Trends Healthy Essay

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Are health trends healthy?
People follow health trends when they start getting fat or they have serious stomach pains or times in which they start building a healthy body so in order to achieve that they should have a particular health trend. These health trends that people follow are not at all healthy, it’s because of many facts that it will create depression in your life, we can’t enjoy with our friends in a restaurant since we are following a healthy diet and also we need to have a lot of vigilance for following these kind of diet plans.
“Vegetarianism has gained a modicum of mainstream support, but most people draw the line at veganism. Complete abstinence from all animal products just seems too extreme, too difficult, and everyone wonders
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“Even though such tasty convenience foods can help you to stay on track, they should only be the exception to the rule. When you slowly increase the amount of whole foods in your diet, these little treats will be stepping stones” (Alena, 15 August 2016, side effects of vegan). On the other hand people who had a lot of sugary meals, a lot of meat and unwanted junk foods it will cause a lot of chemical reactions in our stomach which will cause pain and make it difficult to follow this diet. Unfortunately, some people view veganism as a quick fix or a cheat diet. They go on it for a short period of time and make it unnecessarily restrictive. It can work for weight loss for sure, but it isn’t a fair representation of what a vegan diet has to offer. People who start with vegan diets at first tend to suffer from constipation, diarrhoea etc, it’s because of the fibre part found in plants which is and indigestible item and is not found in animals. These vegan diets that we follow cannot adjust with the body and causes a lot of digestive distress, whatever the food maybe it’s not the foods fault but the problem with the body to adjust we

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