Are Humans Good People

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Are Humans Good People or Villains? In Lord of the Flies there are many times when the boys fold under adversity. They start to act inhumane and wildly. However, they still found a way to survive and be rescued. Even if they are younger boys they still did bad things to survive. Which leads me to believe humans are not all that nice of people. I believe that humans are bad because they kill and are selfish. William Golding’s novel Lord of the flies shows that humans are violent through survival situations. An example of this is Jack who was ready to kill or hurt or destroy anyone or anything at any given moment. Jack wanted to kill anything that made him unhappy. Another example from the book is all the boys in general. As Simon went in the dark to try and find the beast, he found out it was just a parachute man. He went back to tell all the other boys. The other boys however were…show more content…
For example, the Ku Klux Klan was not a very peaceful group. They would torture people, kill them, and even just scare them. They would especially do it to certain types of people like blacks or people of different religions. This supports my argument that humans are violent because like in the book the whole country is split up. Just like the two groups in Lord of the Flies. Both these things relate to each other through the violence that occurred. Another example from history supports Golding’s view that society is bad is Hitler. Hitler was very violent and evil. He not only just killed people and tortured them, but he just blatently blamed certain groups of people for their loss in war. This is kind of like bullying. He singled out groups of people who really did not cause Germany the loss of the war. It was very wrong of Hitler to do this. It relates to Jack from Lord of the Flies telling Piggy he is no use. It also relates to Jack wanting to kill almost anything in sight that he didn’t
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