Are Kids Too Coddled Essay

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Kids Are Narcissistic and Too Coddled In the summer of 2003, my family went on a trip to Disney. I dressed myself in a non-matching outfit and my mother told me to change before we went out. I threw a fit, accused her of calling me blind, and refused to talk to her the rest of the day. It was totally unnecessary and over-dramatic; especially, since my mom was only saving me from embarrassment. Recently, there has been controversy over a certain topic. Are kids deluded narcissists, too coddled, and spoiled? Kids in this generation have awards handed to them like candy, believe that their online appearance is a true reflection of themselves, and are taught from an early age that “life is fair”. This is a problem because our generation is not learning how to deal with real life problems on their own, is relying on social media for their self-esteem, and is completely spoiled and ungrateful. First and foremost, kids are being coddled to the point where it could actually cause harm to their futures. They are not learning that life isn’t fair and that…show more content…
Yes, school is going to cause stress to students and they are going to be in competition with other students to be the top of the class. However, the heaping amounts of work and struggle to be the best they can be is all a part of the experience. Everyone has to go through school. Hard work is required and the students need to be challenged to build stronger character. Also, it helps people prepare for maintaining a job and dealing with bosses and colleagues. School is a huge learning process where students learn and are challenged academically and socially. Ultimately, the stress, work, and dampened self-esteems are all key factors in preparing a student for the real world and helping them work towards being a better
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