Are Leaders Born Or Made Essay

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Week 1- Who is a leader?

I would say a leader is someone who has the courage to take initiative and through effective conversation drive action and create result. A good leader is a visionary who is obsessed to succeed with high level of self- confidence, mentor’s his followers and makes them believe in their own strengths and drive them to success. Two leaders which my group discussed were Steve Jobs and Nelson Mandela and the reason was they both had a vision for future and was fearless. Jobs especially with his creative ideas and an amazing ability to push his employees to their limits revolutionized the mobile industry and made life so easy for people because of the technology used in the mobile which has enabled us to do work while travelling. An intercultural leader is someone who has the skills of working with different cultural and racial groups and has better understanding, can effectively communicate and design different ways to overcome any difficulties. An effective leader should be able to gain trust of followers, which is hard to attain but easy to lose. So a
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I believe leaders are made because the economic and environmental circumstances make them take initiative to lead and evolve as a leader. Anyone can become an effective leader; everyone has leadership skills in them and it just needs to be developed overtime. Effective Leaders can be made through focused effort and developmental process that will enable them to grow their confidence and skill. Every person has the ability to influence and impact other. We can become a leader based on skills, abilities and experience we develop over the years. Leadership is not something that can happen overnight. It takes determination and focus by each person and the leadership skills need to change as surrounding environment changes, so it is a continuous process of learning and
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