Are Myths Still Relevant Today

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Some people want to know if myths,folktales, and fairy tales. Are relevant to our society and the answer is yes. Why well there many reasons why they are relevant. So if people are asking these question, is because they don 't know. In a matter of fact let 's jump into the first reason why they are relevant to our everyday society. “I have always dreamed of seeing a real prince” (lines 30) and “if i could wear your clothes and play in the mud for one day”(lines 90-93). What does this have anything to do in society people may think well it has everything to with society why. Let put in different words some people always think some else 's life is better than theres and they could wish they had their life.And people think the grass is greener…show more content…
“For the horrors of troy when they are the guilty ones they who destroy”(lines 30-33).Why this is relevant in our society is because people be like Eris. Because she blamed the Gods and Goddesses for her doing. Or like the “From Black Ships” “Eris,the goddess of discord, had been left out because wherever she went she brought trouble with her.” (paragraph 2).Where they didn 't invite her only because she is the goddess of discord. And that 's how people act just cause they don 't like someone or they bring a childish fight doesn 't mean they can not come. “Let us not dwell on things that are past”(lines 52-53). How this is like our society, because lot’s of people dwell on their past. Like when one of your friends or family members past away it 's hard to forget. Or when a student fails a test they do everything in there power and won 't let go. And lots of times people don’t forgive on something that was a long time ago. So people in our society now still don 't let go of there past or don 't forgive themselves for what they did. And that is why myths,folktales, and fairy tales. Are relevant to our society to this day. For the many reason that where probably read. And how some teach lessons in everyday life and problems. And people can feel sometimes like a character
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