Are Outsiders Misunderstood

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“Are outsiders simply those who are misjudged or misunderstood?” When presented with this question, I immediately formed my opinion. This immediate reaction was most likely formed from the defensiveness I have allowed myself to have towards varying subjects. As my mother always says, “past predicts future.” I understand the argument of people who are “outsiders” are misjudged. Yet when they are judged by people it is because of the observations those people have had which lead them to judge someone in a certain way. Outsiders are simply misunderstood. It is impossible for outsiders to be misjudged because they are clearly judged by people already who just don’t understand them. Most if not all people have felt some sort of exclusion at some point in their lives. These experiences can either lead us to be more of an extrovert or more of an introvert. I know from my own experience that I do not like to be excluded from things that interest me or comfort me. I cannot imagine how detrimental living in such a way for so long could be to a human being. When I first moved to this town, I felt like an outsider, I…show more content…
The apple is lodged in a painful place and causes pain every time he moves, but he gets used to it. In my opinion, this is trying to convey how dealing with severe depression is. Gregor is clearly depressed because he is cut off from his family. “ Gregor’s serious wound, from which he suffered for over a month (since no one ventured to remove the apple, it remained in his flesh as a visible reminder), seemed by itself to have reminded the father that, in spite of his present unhappy and hateful appearance, Gregor was a member of the family, something one should not treat as an enemy, and that it was, on the contrary, a requirement of family duty to suppress one’s aversion and to endure-- nothing else, just endure”(Kafka
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