The Secret Life Of Tiger Woods By Wright Thompson

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In the article, “The Secret Life of Tiger Woods” by Wright Thompson, the author explains the life of champion golfer Tiger Woods after his father’s death. The article “Are parents ruining youth sports? Fewer kids play amid pressure,” by Michael S. Rosenwald illustrates how fewer kids are doing youth sports due to the constant pressure of feeling not good enough. Both of these articles explain how growing up with sports have affected the lives of many, however, I believe that the quest to become an “elite athlete” is not worth the many sacrifices it requires people to make. Many people give up so much in their life to become athletes, but ultimately it results in regrettable long-lasting problems which would never have happened if the sacrifices…show more content…
Fewer kids play amid pressure” explains how parents are pressuring their kids with training and what they may not want to do. Most kids are not joining youth sports because of this constant feeling that they are not good enough compared to these more experienced kids. According to this article, kids would rather have fun as a team in sports rather than trying to be the best and compete as demonstrated when the author declares, “Also low on the list: playing in tournaments, cool uniforms, and expensive equipment. High on the list: positive team dynamics, trying hard, positive coaching and learning” (Rosenwald 3). Kids are being pushed into becoming elite athletes when what most of them really want is to have fun and be positive. Although becoming an elite athlete can possibly lead to fame and wealth in the future, it is ultimately not worth the sacrifices it requires such as doing something that is no longer “fun”. The article illustrates this when it announces, “...the No. 1 reason why kids quit sports is that it’s no longer fun” (Rosenwald 3). Doing something that involves more pressure and competition can seem like more of a chore to kids rather than a fun sport. In both of the articles “The Secret Life of Tiger Woods” and “Are parents ruining youth sports? Fewer kids play amid pressure,” the author explains the sacrifices made to become an elite athlete. I believe that the quest to become an “elite athlete” are
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