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Argument Essay RD Are people really good at heart? No, it was ironic how Anne, in “The Diary of Anne Frank” stated “In spite of everything, people are good at the heart.” She said that when she didn’t actually know what was going on outside of the annex, millions of Jews were being killed, because of Hitler and the Germans. People are bad at heart. While some people are good at heart, no amount of good, can overcome the amount of evil in this world. People are selfish, people are treated horrible because of their religion, culture, race, etc. by all the horrible people in the world. Last, sometimes people are forced to do things, by all the mean and horrible people in the world. Most of the world is filled with evil people. Think…show more content…
Even the good people can be selfish too. The bad people are doing bad things, but the good people are too selfish to even help. In the story “The Diary of Anne Frank” the family has been hiding from the Germans for a long time. They have little food and little amounts of everything. Mrs.Frank catches one of the VaanDaans stealing. She says ““The bread! He was stealing the bread” (Frank, 505) Even though everyone in hiding had very little food, and they all had to make sacrifices, especially on the amount of food, Mr. VaanDaan was still very selfish. If Mr. VaanDaan is selfish, and he is on the same side as the Franks, imagine what the horrible people in the world would do. Another example of people being selfish is when Mrs. Frank says to Mrs..VaanDann “Your a mother, yet you sacrifice your child to this man.” Frank (504) Even though Peter’s father was being selfish, Mrs. VaanDaan, Peter’s mother stood up for her husband. Peter had got so skinny, because of the fact that there was barely enough food to go around, but still, Mrs. VaanDaan was okay with the fact that her husband was stealing. She also always, when she divided the food, always gave her husband the most, and everyone else less. This is very selfish of Mrs. VaanDaan, to sacrifice her own child to a man, her husband, who is not respectful. Such things are very selfish, and going back on your word is also very selfish. For example, Mrs.VaanDaan states, to everyone “We will divide…show more content…
by the mean and unkind people in the world. While the families were in hiding, Anne, as well as everyone else, was upset by the fact that they had to hide from the Germans, they had to do this, because if they didn’t they would be sent to a concentration camp, and be put to their deaths. Anne was upset about this but she said “Were not the only people that have had to suffer.”(Frank,510) During the holocaust, many people were treated badly based on religion. It all happened because of the unkind people, Hitler, his followers, and the Germans. Peter says in anger “Look at us hiding for 2 years not being able to move.” (Frank, 510) The people that are hiding in the annex are only there because they don’t want to get sent to a concentration camp, or be put to their death. If they got caught hiding, they would be sent to a concentration camp, just because they are Jewish. They are being forced to hide, it’s the only way that they could survive. When the Germans ended up finding the families in the annex Anne wrote in her diary and said “They have allowed us 5 minutes to pack our things.” (Frank, 511.) While Anne and her family have many sentimental things, they only allowed them to pack for 5 minutes, they have to grab whatever they can. They wouldn’t even have to be hiding from the Germans, if they weren't Jewish. This again, is an example of the evil treating people badly based on their

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