Are People Inclined For A Leader Essay

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So how, are naturally people inclined to look for a leader? The value of a good leader is the leader working by side with their people. Being able to encourage their people to become a leader like their leader. The qualities of being a leader are honesty showing respect to others and having a goal to accomplish and to never get up. The value of being a bad leader is a leader who lacks vision that cannot support their own team. The qualities of being a horrible leader don't care about others or their own people and not having respect to their own people. The problem is the worst leader because a person shouldn’t want to be a leader if they are not going to respect their own people.

Why do people need a leader? They need a leader to lead them to accomplish their goals and the leader. But not only the leader can help people, the people can also help him/her if they were stuck on something. They would also need a leader because you can’t become a leader that fast it takes time like everything else does. A leader needs to have discipline in themselves and have the discipline to help others being a leader is a hard “job”. A positive
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What readers should understand is that people are inclined for a leader because a leader can motivate and inspire his/her people to do bigger things in life. For example, the person might want to have a big house or a lot of cars all depends on the guy/women. The second reason is that you're going to need help in the world no matter what because a producer has manger to help them out. A leader can be able to help you and give you more evidence. Some people they are going to think they got everything and they do it on their own, but in reality their leaders are helping them. The leader may also show their first signs and have the leadership it means to set standards, managing self, and motivating others. But not only followers can go far leaders can also go far to in life so it’s a win

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