Are People Naturally Good Analysis

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Have you ever wondered if people are naturally bad or naturally good. This is a very biased topic to go into, but relating it to the book The Lord of The Flies by William Golding the answer is right there. Are people really naturally bad? The easy answer to this question is yes, if people act evil then where are they getting their evil from? Society doesn’t teach evil it teaches manners, and well being but not evil. As shown in Chapter Seven of The Lord of The Flies Ralph tries to kill the pig on instinct showing the evil within him. Ralph was always trying to tell Jack not to focus on killing the pigs so much as if it was a sign of evil and he was trying to be good, but then he goes and attacks at a pig on instinct. Ralph says, “I hit him,” (113) full of excitement. He threw the spear on instinct, then once he realized he had hit the pig, almost killing it that is when he got excited.This is showing even though people are taught to do the right things and stay away from the evil there is somehow an evil beast…show more content…
In chapter 4 Jack fights Piggy because Jack told the twins to help him hunt while they should of been tending the fire. Turns out the fire would of most likely got the kids saved, Ralph then says to Jack after fighting Piggy and breaking his glasses, “That was a dirty trick,” (Golding 72) angering Jack. The next thing to happen in this scene is, Jack starts fighting Piggy. This was the start of Piggy and Ralph's relationship with Jack going in the wrong direction. From this scene someone could learn that relationships go bad when someone acts evil. Friendships in real life work the same way. If someone has a friend that has been picking on them, then most likely these two aren’t going to be friends for much longer. Society wants to be good so they can get things in return, but sometimes it seems as if society wants to act bad to get things in
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