Are People Truly Good At Heart

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Topic: Are people truly good at heart?

I believe people are not good at heart and are only kind and helpful when they have to be, are forced to be, or only if it contributes to their own well-being. Most people are only helpful when it benefits them and they don´t care much about other people's interests or needs, they do things that seem accommodating only for themselves. There are people everywhere suffering and barely surviving, everyone goes through hard time they must peush and struggle through. Their are innocent people are being discriminated and treated as non existent, everywhere there and kids, adults, races, countries, regular human beings being treated awfully because they are the least bit different from everyone else.

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Anything that makes someone different is used against them to make them seem different from the rest. Bad hearted people tease and assault anyone who is different to them and those around them, when the truth is they are the same. In our history class paper we learned, ¨Color seems to be the only possible reason why thousands of american citizens of japanese ancestry are in consentration camps.¨(doc C, social studies class.)The German are making anyone that is different to them in camps and killing them and hurting them bady. Millions of people don’t deserve this. On another history class assignment we were taught, ¨They wanted to isolate and convince them to leave. They acted as though the Jewish people didn't exist.¨ (Anti Jewish laws worksheet in notebook)The Germans should not have any rights to treat anyone like this, killing millions of kids, couples, and families and humans in all. The fact that no other countries tried to help or stop them until later on is terrible. Jews trying to leave to other countries were only accepted if they had the paperwork and money for it and most of the time the countries closed their doors after a certain number of Jews escaped and made it
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