Are Pit Bulls Good Or Bad

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Pit Bull breed history. The American Pit Bull is such a great dog. They are well-known for their intelligence, strength and loyalty. But in recent years they have been unfairly villainized for being overly dangerous and aggressive. While Pit Bulls do indeed possess a feisty and spirited character, the history of the breed reveals a much more complex tapestry of personality and temperament. When did Pit bulls start to be villainized? People started using the dogs for their own selfish means without thought for what a dog was actually for. Pit bulls were used to guard things like houses, junkyards or illegal items and activities. Dog fights were a common event that also helped to perpetuate the problem for bully breeds. These dogs were bred…show more content…
• 86% of the attacks resulted in maiming of a person or animal. • 100% of the animals were destroyed or removed from their homes. What are the pros of breed specific regulations? It brings the public recognition needed to the problem. It helps stop the fear of certain breeds. It will bring awareness and help stop dog fighting. It helps people realize that any dog can be trained to be a good dog. It can stop people from abusing or abandoning these breeds. *Most of all, bad owners are being held responsible for the wrongs they do and teach these animals.* What are the cons of breed specific regulations? It stops families from having bully breeds as pets, people fear the dogs may turn on them or bite children. It stops people from adopting or rescuing a pit bull because they now believe they are not able to be rehabilitated. It promotes the stereotyping of certain dog breeds. These dogs can only be used for certain protective measures or means. It causes people to have an unnecessary fear of bully breed dogs. Don’t want to have them around their families. Bad publicity causes even more fear of these breeds leading to more limitation being put on ownership of these
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