Are Pitbulls Dangerous

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Do you think pitbulls are hazardous? I think pitbulls make a good pet. Pitbulls are known as good pets. They are good animals.

Pibulls make good pet 's for people. Pitbulls are very helpful in many way 's. They are very ardent. If you train them right they accept very well.

Pitbulls have attacked people. It 's not their blunder when they attack. It 's not their fault because some owner 's are not good to their pitbulls and they attack because they are used to being assaulted.

When pibulls do attack. They attack and don’t bar. They don’t stop for a while because their holder 's don’t stop attacking them.

There are lots of horrible people who abuse animals. Pitbulls are considered dangerous because of
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