Are Pitbulls Wrong

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These dogs have again and again proved themselves to be loving dogs, but society does not give them a chance. The people assume things about the Pit bull but they are wrong. The lock jaw theory of Pit bulls is false and has been tested by professionals (, n.d.). They are not Crocodiles. (, n.d.) The Pit bull is not the most leading dog of fatal attacks, The rottweiler is (, n.d.). On average, Pit bulls are blamed 2.48 fatal attacks a year (, n.d.). On average, 40 people drown in their tubs a year (, n.d.). You are more likely to drown in your bathtub then be killed by a Pit bull (, n.d.). 1.25 million dogs are killed in shelters every year (, n.d.). On average, 33% of the dogs in shelters are Pit bulls (, n.d.). 1 out of 600 hundred Pit bulls will be lucky enough to get adopted the rest will be euthanized (, n.d.). The reality is that Human kill more Pit bulls than the other way around (, n.d.). These dogs are thought to have the locking jaw and have a strongest bite in the world (, 2016). The Kangal — a breed of dog bred to protect protect sheep against wolves, jackals, and bears…show more content…
No shelter would ever adopt a dog out unless it is able to physically and emotionally adapt. They will tell you whether a Pit bull is good around other dogs, cats, children. They test these things in every dog they take so that no owner will ever leave the compound without knowing if this dog is suitable for your home (Villalobos Rescue, 2016). Most shelters will do home checks with Pit bulls so they know if the Pit bull is suited for you life (Johnson, 2012). Aggressive Pit bulls are never put up for adoption until the shelter can train them out of their ways or never. Most of the time, aggressive Pit bulls will be put down because of lack of space and time to spend with the Pit bull (Johnson,
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